February 7: Busy weekend

Usually I get all of my cooking done on Sunday, but this weekend I was only able to make one slow-cooker recipe plus prep a bunch of veggies for the rest. So, this first post comes a couple days late, but here’s a wrap-up on my week’s food:

Slow Cooked Beef & Broccoli by Paleo Leap

IMG_20160208_001034Changes I made:

  • I had chicken stock in the fridge, so used that in place of beef stock.
  • I chose not to add tapioca starch
  • I was out a little later than expected, so it cooked for closer to 6 hours rather than 4-5

How did it turn out?

It was ok. I was really weary of the apple, but it completely disintegrated in the cooking process. However, there was an overall sweetness that’s a bit odd. And while coconut aminos are great, they don’t always provide that same flavour punch you get from soy sauce, so there wasn’t much to balance the sweetness. Of course my meat was a little overdone, but that’s my own fault!

Chicken Pot Pie by Life Made Full

IMG_20160211_001308Changes I made:

  • Haven’t yet found palm shortening, so used butter in the crust
  • Went with carrots and broccoli as the veggies. You could definitely mix this up and use whatever you want.
  • Used more onions than it called for – at least twice as many. It just didn’t seem like enough!

How did it turn out?

By far one of the best things I’ve cooked – paleo or not. The crust is amazing and I will be using it again and again. I was worried it wouldn’t work out because it ended up being really thin, but it’s just delicious. The filling looked pretty gross while it was cooking, but don’t let that fool you! I can’t recommend this recipe enough.

Crock Pot Sweet Potato Chili by Chocolate Covered Katie

Changes I made:

  • I had a butternut squash, so used that in place of the sweet potato
  • I don’t each chickpeas, so I used black beans – and I used 38oz, not 32, because our tins come in 19oz increments!

How did it turn out?

I’m not sure it really tastes like chili! I think it’s the orange zest that’s throwing me off. It’s a pretty good texture. I had my first serving with some plantain chips and the crunch was a lovely addition. I might suggest eating it in a lettuce wrap. I do like that it’s a veggie option with some good protein – though I guess the black beans move it away from a pure paleo meal. Black beans are the only bean I’m eating. If I was going to make this again, I’d omit the orange zest and use fire roasted tomatoes. And maybe some additional spice/heat.

Cauliflower Hash by An Edible Mosaic

IMG_20160210_235919Changes I made:

  • Added chorizo! What good’s a hash without some meaty goodness? Especially if you’re going to take away the potatoes.
  • Maybe I had too much cauliflower, but I had to keep stirring it in order to get all of the pieces to touch the bottom of the pan so that everyone got some colour. It wasn’t a problem, just too longer than anticipated.
  • I used cast iron, so didn’t have a lid. And that didn’t seem to matter – the cauliflower was completely cooked through by the time I took it off the stove.

How did it turn out?

Really great. The smoked paprika really helps get the flavour going. The chorizo definitely helped, too. I cooked this at night and then ate it for breakfast the next morning, reheating it in cast iron. Everything got extra crispy and delicious. It’s a bit labour intensive, but great results.

1 Minute Lemon Poppyseed Muffin by The Big Man’s World

IMG_20160208_230916Changes I made:

  • I omitted the glaze

How did it turn out?

Honestly, not so great! There was a whole lemon’s zest in there and it barely tasted of lemon. There was also no sweetness – so I drenched it in maple syrup. That made it better, but it still tasted weird. The texture was good, but that was about it. I won’t make this “mug cake” again, unfortunately.


Paleo Chocolate Cake in a Mug by Blogging Mom of 4

IMG_20160209_230010-2Changes I made:

  • I followed the coconut sugar option, not honey
  • I added some mini chocolate chips

How did it turn out?

Due to the failure of the lemon mug cake above, I felt the need to remember why I have such a love of mug cakes – and thought chocolate would hit the spot (as my grandmother used to say). This was DELICIOUS but exploded in the microwave! I don’t know if you can really tell from the (horrible) photo, but it rose so much it climbed right up and over the edge of the mug. And this was a big mug! So, yes, I 100% will make this again – just in a bowl next time. And I would maybe keep it in the microwave for another 30 seconds. It was a little underdone at the bottom, though with a wider surface, the problem might be solved without extra cooking time.



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